our board of directors

                     Cheryl Joy Lipton, President,                              provides Landscape Designs and                              Ecosystem Restoration services                                in Chester, VT.  She has a                                      Bachelor’s in Landscape                                          Architecture from SUNY College                              of Environmental Science and Forestry and a Master of Science in Ecology from Penn State. Her work includes landscape design, ecosystem restoration, and sustainable living consultation, in Vermont, Central Pennsylvania and Upstate New York, in the private and public sectors.  Cheryl is a specialist in native plants and invasive non-natives, serves on the Chester Planning Commission and is a founding leader of Mountain Valley Climate Action 350VT. She has been gardening using organic methods since the 1980s. She and Melody Reed started the group Victory Gardening in the 21st Century, and together they run a weekly on-line gardeners’ support group. She is also a homeschooling mother, keeps chickens, 2 cats, a young dog and a geriatric guinea pig and is working on restoring a solar powered, 1850 Gothic Revival farmhouse and its 5 acres of land left fallow for about 17 years.  Cheryl lives sustainably, making most things from scratch, necessary when eschewing plastic, single use packaging and various unnecessary additives.


                              Luna Burkland is enthusiastic                                about the well-being of the                                      environment, and reversing                                    climate change. She is an active                              member of the Environmental                                  Club at Green Mountain Union                                High School, Mountain Valley Climate Action Group in Chester, Vermont, and she is a passionate composting advocate. She hopes to see the world repaired from the climatic damage people have instilled upon the earth, and she helps push towards that goal in any way she can. Luna lives in Chester, with her family, in a solar powered house. 

                          Melody Reed, Secretary, is an                             artist and life-long organic                                       gardener. She lives off-the-grid in                           a solar-powered house in the                                   woods with her husband. She was                           a past Vermont Coordinator for                               the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and                           most recently Executive Director                             of the Gallery at the VAULT, a                                 nonprofit state craft center in Springfield. She was one of the originators of the Springfield Steampunk Festival event. She’s an activist member of Mountain Valley Climate Action 350VT and is deeply concerned about climate change. She has a BA from the College of St. Joseph where she studied History and Studio Art. She enjoys making jewelry, pastel painting, and spending time with her family.

Join our Board


CCG&G is looking for a person with accounting experience to join our volunteer board and serve as Treasurer. Knowledge of grant research and writing would be a huge plus. Be part of an amazing community project!