Q: Are there other other successful community greenhouses in New England?


A: There are several. The Dudley Greenhouse outside of Boston serves hunderds of community members. To read more: https://thefoodproject.org/farms/dudley-greenhouse/

Q. Does a community greenhouse impact the value of nearby properties?

A: We have not found a study that specifically looks at the impact of a community greenhouse on property values, however there are a number of studies that have concluded that community gardens actually increase the value of properties in surrounding neighborhoods. Here are a relevant studies:  

Study on the impacts of community gardens on property values. Viki Been, New York University Law School, 2006:


Whitepaper on community gardens and community development. Jane Schukoske, 2000:


Q: Is the greenhouse going up soon?

A: The community greenhouse is a large-scale project. It is anticipated that it will take 18-24 months to engineer and construct, once a site has been identified.

Q: Has a site for the greenhouse been selected?

A: After carefully evaluating multiple public and private sites, using a comprehensive matrix of qualifying factors, CCG&G has identified two suitable sites. Both sites are properties owned by the Town of Chester. The Town of Chester Select Board has committed to supporting the project and will be issuing a formal letter of intent allowing CCG&G to reconstruct and operate the community greenhouse on one of the two properties.