Q: Are there other other successful community greenhouses in New England?


A: There are several. The Dudley Greenhouse outside of Boston serves hunderds of community members. To read more: https://thefoodproject.org/farms/dudley-greenhouse/

Q. Does a community greenhouse impact the value of nearby properties?

A: We have not found a study that specifically looks at the impact of a community greenhouse on property values, however there are a number of studies that have concluded that community gardens actually increase the value of properties in surrounding neighborhoods. To read more: https://furmancenter.org/files/publications/The_Effect_of_Community_Gardens.pdf

Q: Is the greenhouse going up soon?

A: The community greenhouse is a large-scale project. It is anticipated that it will take 18-24 months to engineer and construct, once a site has been identified.

Q: Has a site for the greenhouse been selected?

A: Not yet. The Site Selection Committee has been evaluating a number of potential sites and will continue to do so for the next several months. The ultimate site will be chosen based on a careful and comprehensive assessment process that will prioritize community input.